Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Is anyone still reading this blog? Sorry it's been ages ... again ... but I'm finally writing today because I've got a new obsession, and his name is TED.

TED -- Technology, Entertainment, Design -- has been around since 1984 (read more about it here) and I can't believe I didn't know about this group until yesterday, because what they do is what I wish I did all day, every day.

I've been reading lots of books lately about interface design and user experience, about how the way we interact with computers is not the best way or the easiest way and is certainly not the only way. (Stop reading now if you don't care about his kind of thing. But since you're using a computer to read this, you probably should care. At least a little bit.)

Anyway, I think about this stuff for fun, and so do lots of the people that give talks at TED conferences, so I am now fully obsessed with watching TED talks online (for free! This is nerd heaven).

Here are two recent talks that made my jaw drop:



Patrick said...

Where is the Harry Potter commentary? The world is waiting to see what the preeminent West Coast Librarian has to say. ;)

tuckmac said...

By the way...

I AM still reading your blog...

Even though you never BLOODY WELL POST ANYTHING NEW!


I still love you though.